St. Francois County Community Partnership
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About Us

St. Francois County Community Partnership is a public non-profit organization working with the Family and

Community Trust to bring systems reform to our county.  Our goal is to improve the use of local resources and

improve the well-being of children and families in St. Francois County.

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What is FACT?

What Is A Caring Community Partnership?

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IDA:  Application Request for Recovery Zone Facility Bonds from St. Francois County, Missouri


St. Francois County Community Partnership

200 W First Street, Suite 182

Farmington, MO 63640

Phone: (573) 760-0212 or 431-3173

FAX: (573)760-0451



Al Sullivan, Executive Director

Margaret Bilderback, Educare Coordinator

Mary Taylor, Office Manager

Tammy Durbin, Fiscal Director

Tiffany Creamer, Resource Center Assistant

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